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RedPort: Satellite Data Routers, VoIP Services, and Crew Welfare


RedPort is the world’s leading independent developer of satellite products and services. Satellite data service is inherently different than terrestrial Internet service, and we know how to help you get the most out of your satellite airtime. RedPort  is making airtime count. 

Our products and services include satellite VoIP Gateways, satellite data routers, satellite terminals, and OEM satellite products and services for Iridium, Globalstar, and others. Our XGate suite of services for satellite data users includes satellite email, web, weather, social media and blogging services.  No matter where you are in the world, or which satellite network you are using, you will have a better experience while saving airtime with RedPort products.

Every RedPort Satellite Firewall Router provides perfect control of your satellite network with cutting-edge Satellite Network Management Services: firewall, routing, captive portal, email, web compression, GPS vessel tracking. RedPort Routers also offer premium services including compression, captive-portal access codes for crew morale and passenger Internet access. RedPort Satellite VoIP Routers are designed specifically for the needs of satellite users, giving you low-bandwidth, high-voice quality service. Prepaid codes make it easy to sell VoIP service to generate revenue and keep your passengers and crew happy.

Are you a satellite services provider? Get the most out of your network with RedPort: save money, increase network performance, and offer valuable services. RedPort services let you generate revenue by selling controlled access to voice, email and the Internet for crew morale and passenger convenience. Satellite Internet Network Management for all. RedPort is making airtime count. 

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