Satellite Airtime Control

Save up to 80% on satellite airtime through Email, Weather and Web Acceleration, Caching, Firewall and least-cost routing.

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Satellite Routers

From plug and play routers for the smallest fishing boat to network managers for the largest fleet, there’s a RedPort wXa satellite router for every vessel.

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Satellite VOIP Service

Crystal-clear voice service with retail termination rates for as little as $0.33/min. to about 400 destinations, with 20 minutes talk time per MB.

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RedPort Global is a satellite network management suite for ship-to-shore and remote communications needs for land-based, marine satellite Internet  users. RedPort Network Manager includes RedPort services, wXa (webXaccelerator) satellite routers, XGate satellite email, and other  services for satellite data users, particularly commercial maritime users including cruise ships, commercial fishing vessels, tankers, transports and mega-yachts.

RedPort Global is a Global Marine Networks brand.

Every RedPort Satellite Firewall Router provides perfect control of your satellite network with cutting-edge Satellite Network Management Services: firewall, failover, load-balancing, least-cost routing, shared web-page caching, and remote access for OBM (Out of Band Management) for logging or reporting purposes. RedPort Routers also offer premium services including compression, captive-portal access codes for crew morale and passenger Internet access. RedPort Satellite VoIP Routers are designed specifically for the needs of satellite users – low-bandwidth, high-voice quality service at a fraction of Inmarsat FleetBroadBand pricing. Prepaid codes make it easy to sell VoIP service to generate revenue and keep your passengers and crew happy.

Get the most out of your network with RedPort Global: save money, increase network performance, and offer valuable services. RedPort services let you generate revenue by selling controlled access to voice, email and the Internet for crew morale and passenger convenience. Marine Satellite Internet Network Management for all. RedPort Global  is making airtime count.