Optimizer Satellite Wi-Fi Router

Satellite Connectivity Made Easier. 

Satellite Data Routers

Managed Networks from Sailboats to Supertankers

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Offshore, and in touch. Attract and retain crew. 

RedPort Is Making Airtime Count

RedPort is the world’s leading independent developer of satellite products and services. Satellite data service is inherently different than terrestrial Internet service, and we know how to help you get the most out of your satellite airtime. RedPort is making airtime count. 

Optimizer Satellite Wi-Fi Router & Firewall

Optimizer broadcasts your satellite data feed via Wi-Fi to connect with all your devices. Its firewall blocks unwanted airtime, saving you money, and it enables services like satellite-optimized email, weather, vessel tracking and more.

A modern interface makes it easy to use, and Quick Whitelist feature gives one-button control of: Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messages, Signal, Timezero, Viber, WeChat and WhatsApp.

RedPort Satellite Data and Network Management Routers

RedPort is the industry leader in satellite communication and network optimized data routers. The RedPort Optimizer line of routers provides data management and routing solutions from leisure to enterprise-class customers. 

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XGate Satellite Email and Data Services

XGate is the world's leading satellite data services suite, relied on by the satellite service providers and individual users alike. It offers the services satellite users need, with the data optimization to make it easy and affordable to use. Email, web, weather and social media via satellite are suddenly fast and affordable, and available on the devices customers want to use.


Want to Be a RedPort Partner?

Partner with RedPort and Pivotel to become to deliver unique advantages and solutions for you and your customers. Whether you’re an experienced satellite phone reseller or want to add new revenue streams to your existing business, we have the right program to fit your needs.