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RedPort Global Dealers

Advanced Tracking 

  • France
  • Contact: Christophe Allen

Apollo Satellite 

  • California, USA
  • Contact: Timothy Green

Arion Communications

  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Contact: Tony Park

Atlantic RadioTelephone

  • Florida, USA
  • Contact: Sam Crowther

Canada Satellite

  • Ottowa, Alberta, Canada
  • Contact: Luke Pronyshyn


  • Perth, Australia
  • Contact: Rob Martin

Cygnus Telecom

Dubai, UAE

Global Marine Networks

Global Satellite USA

  • Florida, USA


  • O´Connor Western Australia

GTC (Global Telesat Communications) 

  • Poole, England, UK
  • Contact: James Phipps

IEC Telecom 

  • France, Norway, UK, UAE, Singapore, Afghanistan, Sweden
  • Contact: Dominique Audion


  • Paris, France
  • Contact: Dominque Gauthier

Network Innovations

Mackay Marine

  • North Carolina, USA & Global
  • Contact: Kai Madsen


  • Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
  • Contact: Porfirio Suarez


  • New Jersey, USA, Florida, USA and Cyprus
  • Contact: Thierry Watters

Preferred Communications

Satellite Phone Store

  • Alaska, California, Florida, USA
  • Contact: Eric Talman


  • Maryland, USA