To become a RedPort Global dealer, and offer satellite data network management and VoIP services, contact us.


To purchase RedPort satellite data routers and VoIP routers, contact a RedPort dealer. All RedPort dealers have been rigorously trained in the products they sell, and are data specialists. Because of the customized solutions that RedPort dealers develop for their clients, it is important to contact the dealers directly regarding your solution.

RedPort Global Dealers


Atlantic RadioTelephone

  • Florida, USA
  • Contact: Sam Crowther


  • Perth, Australia
  • Contact: Rob Martin

Evosat (Globecomm SA) 

  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Contact: Stephen Light

Global Marine Networks

  • Tennessee, USA
  • Contact: John Dark

Global Satellite

  • Florida, USA

GMPCS/Network Innovations

  • Florida, USA
  • Contact: David Bell


  • Florida, USA
  • Contact: Matt Durian


  • Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
  • Contact: Porfirio Suarez


  • New Jersey, USA and Cyprus
  • Contact: Nicolas Emmanouilidas


  • Washington, USA
  • Contact: Jeff Thomassen