Commercial Marine Satellite Internet Services

RedPort Global Services let you make airtime count with the services you need, while controlling costs and generating revenue though innovative services.  Contact us today to learn how RedPort can best manage the most important network in the world – yours.  See the complete range of RedPort Global Satellite Network Manager Services.


Satellite Network Management Services

Satellite VoIP Phone Service

works with wXa-400 & 500 series routers – premium service

RedPort Satellite VoIP phone service provides everything you need for a vessel phone network, at an unbelievable price. A fully-featured PBX gives you all the functions of an office-based system; in-network calling options give you unlimited dialing between your own numbers, and prepaid and postpaid solutions let you easily manage ship operations or generate revenue from crew and passenger calling. Best of all, retail end-user rates are as low as $0.33/minute to almost 400 destinations.

  • 20 minutes of talk time per MB
  • Prepaid and Postpaid Voice Calling
  • Unlimited In-network dialing
  • Termination rates as low as $0.33/minute to almost 400 destinations
  • Multi-line calling capability; Up to 8 simultaneous calls


Satellite System Management

works with wXa-300 & 500 series routers

Today, many ships run multiple satellite systems. RedPort customers use our routers to manage multiple VSAT terminals, manage a VSAT, or failover from it, to Inmarsat FleetBroadband or Iridium OpenPort, or run multiple FleetBroadband or OpenPort devices to double throughput. There are as many solutions as there are installations.

  • Failover
  • Load-balancing
  • Quality of Service
  • Out of Band Management
  • Remote VPN Access
  • Logging and Reporting


Firewall and Routing

works with wXa-300 & 500 series routers

Satellite airtime is precious – with FleetBroadband or Iridium OpenPort you pay by megabyte, and with VSAT you pay a premium for throughput. RedPort Firewall Routing can routinely reduce data demands by a factor of ten – a 90% reduction in data – providing a better user experience for everyone on board, and a lower overall satellite airtime bill.

  • Firewall filtering by MAC or TCP/IP address and/or port number provide advanced controls as well as Skype and Adobe Flash blocking; Blocking by source or destination IP address
  • Port forwarding
  • Inbound NAT Scheduling
  • White/Black list
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Quality of Service
  • Least-cost Routing (preferential port usage)


Web Browsing

works with wXa-200, 300 & 500 series routers

Faster, and with perfect control, RedPort web service reduces data demands and gives you the tools to control and sell access though prepaid codes. Shared web page caching means that commonly visited web pages are already stored onboard, and world-class web compression blocks ads, removes background images, compresses most pictures, and re-renders pages for an average 300-500% improvement in data speeds.

  • Prepaid Access via Captive Portal – premium service
  • Shared Caching (wXa-300 & 500 only)
  • Web Compression – premium service


Ship to Shore Communications & Operations

works with wXa-200, 300 & 500 series – premium service

Get the services you need to keep the business afloat. Accelerated satellite email service speeds your messages between vessel and office, crew email accounts keep the team in touch while onboard, weather and oceanographic data services help you chart a course, while credit-card processing allows the ship to instantly collect all of the extra revenues you’ll make from selling prepaid data and VoIP access, among other things.

  • Email
  • File Transfer
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Weather and Oceanographic Data



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