Iridium Mail & Web Service

RedPort Global developed the Iridium Mail & Web service for Iridium. For more information on Iridium Mail & Web, see the Iridium Mail & Web page.

Iridium OEM Development

Iridium Mail & Web Overview

Leveraging the world’s furthest reaching network, Iridium Mail & Web is a free application for Android and Apple iOS devices that accelerates email messaging and web browsing while connected to Iridium Wi-Fi solutions — allowing you to keep in touch with work, family and friends — anytime, anywhere.
Compatible with Iridium GO! and Iridium AxcessPoint, the app uses compression and network-based filters to deliver global capabilities otherwise not possible with standard apps designed for cellular and broadband networks.

Iridium Mail & Web Features

Iridium Mail & Web App
Powerful features of Iridium Mail & Web include:

  • Easy icon navigation allows single-click access to features
  • Drafting and viewing emails offline
  • Configuring email size to minimize connection time
  • Queuing up emails to be sent up to 15x faster than web-based services
  • Retrieving emails from external accounts
  • Blocking pop ups, removing ads and background images
  • Compressing web pages for download speeds of 3-5x faster than uncompressed pages
  • Logging in to Facebook and Twitter to keep your network updated
  • Compressing and sending photos to share experiences online
  • Accessing weather forecasts for up to 7 days for various locations

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