ART Partners with RedPort to Create Satstation Iridium Extreme WiFi Docking Station

[SatNews] Atlantic Radio Telephone has released the SatStation Extreme Desktop Dock – WIFI, the first WIFI-enabled Docking Station for an Iridium satellite phone.
This release arrives on the heels of last month’s release of the SatStation Isat Pro Dock – WIFI, which was also the first of its kind for IsatPhone Pro users, and the mobile satellite industry as a whole. The SatStation Extreme Desktop Dock is designed specifically for the Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite phone and includes an embedded Optimizer board by RedPort Global.  Atlantic Radio Telephone has once again partnered with RedPort because of their compatibility with a wide range of satellite email services including XGate, Satphone.Me, OCENS Mail, GMPCS SpeedMail, Iridium AxcessPoint Mail and Web and others. All of these services offer satellite-optimized email, web browsing, weather, blogging and social media services including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Satstation Iridium Extreme Desktop WiFi Dock
With a sleek and professional design, The SatStation Extreme Desktop Dock – WIFI enables users to place and receive calls by either utilizing the Privacy Handset or the built-in loudspeaker with echo-cancellation and background noise filtering for a full duplex hands-free operation.  The Privacy Handset provides the convenience of answering calls whens it is lifted and ending the call as soon as the handset is placed on the dock meanwhile charging the phone battery when the satellite phone is installed. The dock includes audio output for the recording of phone calls, another feature unique to SatStation desktop docking stations.
A non-WIFI version of the dock is being released simultaneously, which will offer users who do not need to integrate with another device all of the other features the dock has to offer. Both versions of the SatStation Extreme Desktop Dock are manufactured in and distributed from Miami, Florida.