TSB – RedPort Optimizer Use with Cobham Sailor Fleet One Device

Technical Service Bulletin

Subject: RedPort Optimizer Use with Cobham Sailor Fleet One Device
This Technical Service Bulletin describes the mandatory use of the RedPort supplied POE splitter when using a RedPort Optimizer with a Cobham Sailor Fleet One device. Note: Use of the RedPort Optimizer with devices other than the Sailor Fleet One is not affected.
Products Updated
Part Number: wxa-122
Description: RedPort Optimizer
When a Sailor Fleet One user inserts the Fleet One RJ-45 Ethernet male connector directly into the RedPort Optimizer SAT (WAN) port, an IP address will not be returned on the RedPort Optimizer. This is caused by failure in the full duplex and half duplex handshake between the two devices.
To provide a better customer experience, a POE splitter will be included with the RedPort Optimizer for all future sales. An additional benefit of the inclusion of the POE splitter is that the Optimizer will be powered by the splitter, removing the need for a separate Optimizer power supply.
If you have current inventory of RedPort Optimizer units, part number: wxa-122, we will provide the POE splitters at no additional charge if your current wxa-122 inventory is identified to us by serial number, and we receive your request for POE splitters by May 31st, 2019. Note our updated product number for the RedPort Optimizer is now wxa-122-poe.
To install the POE splitter, connect the male RJ-45 end of the POE splitter into the SAT port of the RedPort Optimizer. The female RJ-45 end of the POE splitter will then connect to the male RJ-45 connector of the Sailor Fleet One device cable.
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