RedPort Firmware Update Now Available

What’s New 

– RedPort System Security Update 2021-1

From time to time, RedPort updates the firmware for our routers and satellite terminals to provide new features, performance enhancements, and security updates. Today, we are releasing new firmware across our entire line that includes security updates. Security is of utmost importance to us, and this update is recommended for all users for maximum security and performance.

How to Update Firmware

Updating the firmware is easy, and can be done by anyone with an Internet connection to download the new firmware, and an administrator’s password to the RedPort device so that they can access the administrative portal. Most devices use a similar process, for a quick overview of the process, see “How To Update RedPort Firmware

For specific instructions regarding how to update the firmware on your device, find the relevant manual in our Documentation and Manuals section. 

Download the Firmware

The February 2021 security release consists of security updates for the following RedPort devices. Links below will download the associated firmware file in a .bin format:

See all RedPort firmware

Contact Information

Should you have any questions or concerns about the recent update please contact RedPort Customer Care at:

Phone: +1-865-379-8723