GPS Tracking via Satellite Phone with RedPort Optimizer

Optimizer relays coordinates from any GPS-enabled satellite phone to reliably track vessels, vehicles or personnel virtually anywhere in the world.

Optimizer Satellite Firewall and Wi-Fi Hotspot - RedPortRedPort Global, leaders in marine satellite data and voice routers and services, today announced the launch of GPS tracking service with the RedPort Optimizer. When connected to a GPS-enabled satellite phone or terminal, Optimizer works as a GPS Satellite Tracker, and can transmit the device’s GPS location at user-defined intervals, working with select tracking services to let users view GPS locations online or input them directly into their existing tracking systems.
“Reliable, affordable GPS vessel tracking is a critical part of any vessel operations – from the smallest boat to the largest ship,” said Dr. Luis Soltero, President and CTO of RedPort Global. “For users of GPS-enabled satellite phones and terminals, Optimizer is the simplest and most affordable to gain all of the benefits of GPS tracking with none of the cost and complexity so common in the tracking industry.”
Optimizer comes wired for 12V power, making it perfect for a vessel, and available options include 5-hour external battery supplies and 12V car power adapters, to accommodate vehicle or portable uses.
RedPort Optimizer also serves as a firewall and Wi-Fi hotspot for users of mobile satellite data service, providing access to accelerated email, web and weather data through virtually any satellite phone and computer or Apple iOS device, including the iPad. The combination of tracking and accelerated satellite data services makes Optimizer particularly well suited for anyone seeking a complete satellite communications solution.
In addition to its tracking capability, Optimizer is a small Wi-Fi hotspot with a built in firewall that stops all unwanted data requests from a user’s computer. Because it generates a Wi-Fi hotspot, users can easily connect to the service with virtually any modern computer or iOS device, eliminating setup and support issues otherwise common with satellite data services. The included firewall saves customers airtime fees by blocking all unwanted traffic, while allowing compressed email, web and weather data when using a compatible email acceleration service such as GMN XGate, OCENS Mail or GMPCS Speedmail.
GMN Optimizer wXa-102 Physical Specifications

  •     Model Number: wXa-102
  •     Size: 90 x 60 mm
  •     Weight: 14 grams
  •     Temperature:
  •     Operating: 0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 104ºF)
  •     Storage: -20ºC to 60ºC (-4ºF to 140ºF)
  •     Power input: 12-20V/1A

Optimizer Tracking works with the following GPS-enabled satellite phones and terminals:

  •     Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro
  •     Inmarsat FleetBroadband
  •     Inmarsat BGAN
  •     Iridium OpenPort

Optimizer is compatible with:

  •     Windows XP, Vista and 7, both 32 and 64-bit versions
  •     Apple Mac computers
  •     Apple iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  •     Any Debian-based Linux system

Additionally, Optimizer works as a tracking device with the industry-leading GSatTrack service from Global Satellite Engineering. Optimizer provides tracking data using the GPS chip built into satellite terminals including Inmarsat FleetBroadband, BGAN and IsatPhone Pro devices. Optimizer works with a variety of satellite tracking services including GMPCS, GSatTrack, OCENS OTrak™, and RedPort Tracking.
Pricing and Availability
RedPort Optimizer has a suggested retail price of $150.00, and is immediately available through RedPort Dealers.
About RedPort Global
RedPort Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Marine Networks (GMN), the leaders in advancing satellite data speeds and services. GMN helps marine satellite Internet users manage their satellite networks with satellite data routers, satellite VoIP routers and services. Ship to shore network management solutions are sold by GMN under the RedPort Global brand name at and as white-label solutions for the world’s premier satellite data service providers.
GMN has numerous awards and certifications for technical innovation and holds patents on its products. For more information on how GMN is Making Airtime Count™ – whether ship to shore, or in remote or emergency communications environments visit